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Corporate Gift

Absolutely! We specialize in “Sweet Branding “and design custom business gifts for every occasion. Your logo, special event message or photo is created in full color on our delicious cookies, logo tins, gift baskets, cookie cakes, cake in a jar, cake pops and more! Please email (Sondra@WonderlandBakery.com ) or give us a call at 888-922-6654. You can complete our Corporate Order and provide your order request/details and our Bakery Concierge Corporate Team will collaborate with you to create a unique and memorable favor and gift!

You can send the same gift to multiple clients easily. We ship our Wonderland Bakery ® products nationwide. Simply provide your clients shipping information and individual gift messages electronically and our Corporate Bakery Concierge Team will take care of your entire order for you!

We customize and personalize your order and offer a wide range of gifts. We recommend that you place your order 5 – 10 days prior to your event. Holidays and orders of 200 or more cookies may require additional time. There is a 12 unit minimum on our customized “Sweet Branded” gifts including tins , cookies and gift baskets.

There is a 12 unit minimum on customized cookies, gift tins and gift baskets.

Yes, we offer volume discounts on logo image cookies starting at 100 units. Please contact our Corporate Concierge Team for pricing email (Sondra@WonderlandBakery.com)

Yes, the lead time required can increase during November and December. We highly encourage customers to order corporate gift products in advance and ‘Save the Date” for delivery. Additionally, we offer holiday discount incentives for Corporate clients on volume orders when placed before September.

Yes, send your cards or collateral material when you place your order and or 15 days prior to shipping. We have a $1.50 fee to place business cards and or collateral material into each gift.

Yes, you can provide your custom message, logo or image that we will print and integrate in your custom gift. There is a $4. fee for this customization. Simply send your logo, graphic or photo and we will print and customize your gift.

Yes, we need 17 inches of ribbon per bakery items ordered. We prefer to use grosgrain or double face satin, for either ribbon we suggest 3/8 ribbon width. You must ship your custom ribbon to our facility when
you place your order or within 15 days of shipping your completed order. There is a $1. fee for each item wrapped with your custom ribbon.

Please access our Corporate Order Form  , we need the following information to best assist you in custom order planning. When is the event or party? How many guests, party favors, or gift do you need? What is your budget? What did you have in mind? Is there an event theme? After your order is placed, we do not accept changes or refunds on orders.