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Sweet Wonderland - Fantasies in Frosting, Pastries Fit for a Princess

Beneath the sugary surface of elaborately designed cupcakes, cookies and other goodies at Wonderland Bakery ®is a mother and daughter who are working 14-hour days to create the Ultimate Sweet Experience for the sweet-tooth to share delicious and unique desserts, gifts and Wonderland Bakery brand products that inspire your imagination and taste buds to bake, decorate and enjoy at home helping to make memories for the entire family.


Sweet Branding - Fresh Spin on Corporate Branding

In this economic climate, achieving a strong and emotional connection to your brand can equate to business survival offering a business branding concierge team to help companies with highly customizable logo cookies, gift tins, gift baskets, cake in a jar and sweet marketing favors. Corporate account services include managing mailing lists, direct fulfillments, specific collateral material for campaigns including in all packaging is available


Ernst & Young Global Leader Awards

Allyson Ames named 2012 Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women, a nationwide program that selects exceptional woman entrepreneurs throughout the country with this prestigious award. Wonderland Bakery® demonstrated breakthrough growth and exponential product expansion as Ames, a woman owned business, joins a vibrant global community of successful women inspiring peer role models who in 2022 represent more than 800 women in over 49 countries worldwide.


Contributing to the Arts Brings Sweet Rewards

Founder, Allyson Ames receives Business for the Arts Award for Wonderland Bakery’s generosity and long-term commitment to supporting the arts. Other recipients included Bank of America, Target, Wells Fargo, Boeing and Henry
Segerstrom, South Coast Plaza.


Top 10 Personal Brands

Martha Stewart and Allyson Ames were named to the Entrepreneur Magazine annual list of Top 10 Personal Brands. Allyson’s Wonderland Bakery® was recognized for her desserts and products that inspire your taste buds and imagination with products for the young, young at heart and anyone with a sweet tooth.


Fashion Week gets Sweet Trend

Fashion week with Neiman Marcus, Manalo Balhnik, Saks Fifth Avenue and Vera Wang featured their ‘haute fashion’ product images on edible cookies from Wonderland Bakery ® who help to sweeten the top designer’s fashion forward trends.


Queen of Sweets

Named the ‘Queen of Sweets, ’ Allyson Ames, Wonderland Bakery® founder specializes in desserts and products that inspire taste buds and imagination. Ames has grown Wonderland Bakery ® to a national brand and favorites of families, celebrities, and anyone with a sweet tooth.


Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award

The Business Journal awarded Allyson Ames the Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award. Ames was the youngest and only recipient of this award in the 40-year history of the publication. Ames founded, Wonderland Bakery ® in 2005 is a woman owned business who is focused on expanding beyond baking with licensing ventures, merchandise programs and the development of various media properties.


Annual Leadership Awards

The Annual Leadership Awards for Modern Baking Magazine designated Allyson Ames an inspirational entrepreneur in the creation of desserts, branded products and overall marketing the concept of the Wonderland Bakery® brand.


Emerging Licensing Innovation

Wonderland Bakery® and the Wonderland Bakery® Lifestyle brand receives the innovative award for products and distinct branding in the emerging licensing concepts in the USA category.


Sweet Vote Tally in Good Taste

As the election heat up, so do the cookies in the oven at Wonderland Bakery as they keep a ‘sweet vote tally’ based on political cookie count ordered and shipped nationwide. It’s all in good taste as Wonderland Bakery® encourages
everyone to vote.


Inspiring Sweet Political Fundraising

Wonderland Bakery® cookies bring a ‘value’ and inspire donors of high-profile political fundraisers as much $50,000 per plate. As the elections heat up, hundreds of cookies are ordered for the candidates, political party or campaign message as place setting cookies, individually wrapped and shipped nationwide.


Thanks a Million Cookies

Active in philanthropy since 2005, Allyson Ames, her mother, Sondra Ames and Wonderland Bakery® have received numerous accolades and awards for their contributions and commitment to the arts, families, education, literacy and animal welfare. Sondra Ames, a founder of the United Way, Women in Philanthropy received the Business Mother of the Year Award from the MOMS nonprofit organization.