Jeans Cookie Party To Go for 10


SKU Number: 0948 JC

Make it a sweet party celebration wherever you go. Our Jeans Cookie Party to Go is ready for 10 decorators to decorate of outlined jean shaped pants. Your Cookie Party to Go comes complete with 10 outlined cookies, 3 pastry bags filled with icing, sprinkles and decor to help bring out your inner artist. A deliciously fun activity for the entire family, a fun team building activity for the office or school and a delightful gift for family and friends that we can ship nationwide. If you have a specific theme or cookie shape you would like to order for your Cookie Kit, please click on the link under the product photo CUSTOMIZE MY ORDER to provide order details. Your Cookie Party to Go is packaged on a tray with a snap on lid so you can pop the lid and begin decorating out of the box.