Wonderland Bakery Glitter Icing Gift Box Make by Glitterville – Pink


SKU Number: 58876-2-2

Wonderland Bakery Limited Edition Glitter Gift Box made for Wonderland Bakery by Glitterville. Each box is make a durable reinforced paperboard material and decorated with a pink glittery finish with a white icing drip with sprinkles. The removable top of each box has our iconic Wonderland Bakery logo and our Allyson Wonderland Bakery silhouette. A beautiful box to display, store keepsakes, use as a gift box or the perfect size to keep your 17 piece, service for 4 Wonderland Bakery Tea Set (sold seperately).
Great color and display height for a sweet table or party favor and also available in our Wonderland Bakery glitter blue finish.