Wonderland Bakery Limited Edition Canvas Artwork – The Ultimate Wonderland Dream


SKU Number: 57764 ATWD

You can own a piece of Wonderland Bakery in a deliciously beautiful Limited Edition Art Canvas. The First Edition Wonderland Bakery Collection includes The Ultimate Wonderland Bakery Party, The ultimate Wonderland Bakery Dream and 8 Wonderland Bakery Character Collection. The Ultimate Wonderland Bakery Dream inspired by the book Wonderlicious, The Wonderland Enchanted Bakery Adventure Storybook created by award winning artist David Anderson. Allyson and her friends at Wonderland Bakery enjoy the Dream of creating Wonderland Bakery with her character friend to follow her love passion and dream of baking. Intense color and detail in this whimsical masterpiece signed by the artist. Artwork dimensions 48″wide x 36″height. Museum quality canvas, the sides are wrapped around the frame mounting. Nationwide shipping available.