Wonderland Bake Memories at Home Bakeware Series – Baking Pan


SKU Number: 5676CBp

Wonderland “Bake Memories at Home” Series of bakeware and cookware is now available.  Our 1/4 sheet baking pan can also be used to bake 12 cupcakes with the silicone cupcake that are included.  After you are done baking and decorating, the baking pan has an airtight lid to keep your delicious desserts fresh.  Great to transport your dessert or serve directly from the pan.  Look for all of the Wonderland “Bake Memories at Home” Series that includes cookware, bakeware, plates, tableware, cake stands cooking utensils, mixing spoons, lunch boxes, whisks, glassware, beverage containers, baking pans, cookware containers, cake molds, ceramics for household use, teapots, mixing spoons, works of art crafted in bakery and dessert shapes, cookie jars and more.  Collect and gift them to anyone who is a chef or loves to bake!